Summer Weddings are approaching, and despite a worldwide pandemic there are deposits made, hotel blocks reserved and flights booked.  COVID-19 may not have been invited but it is crashing your wedding. You will have to make decisions based on safety, feasibility and within the bounds of the law. It is uncertain whether gatherings of more than 10, 25, 50 or 100 people may even be legal by the time your wedding approaches. It is important to make decisions in a timely manner so you can aggressively pursue refunds.  People rarely do the right thing so don’t assume that in a pandemic, your vendors will issue refunds.  You should not be making any more payments until you have a come to a decision.

COVID-19 may actually mandate that you trim the wedding list if you are planning to get married in the next 18 months.  Have a conversation with your spouse and come to a decision on what you want to do and then move forward.  Postpone, Cancel or Proceed.

Postpone Your Wedding Due to COVID-19

Do not assume this will be okay in the Fall. Postponing the wedding six months may result in having the same issue in six months.

  • A safer bet may be a postponement for a full year or more. This will allow time to re-evaluate, plan and hopefully vaccinate the population. The latter may be out of your control, but giving sufficient time for recovery may still allow you to have the wedding you planned.
  • You should contact vendors and have the deposits transferred to the new date. It may be necessary to execute new contracts or addendums with new dates and timelines. There should be no charge for the change of date and you should be able to work on a discount for postponing rather than cancellation. 

Cancel Your Wedding Due to COVID-19

Read your contract thoroughly.

  • Hopefully you have a force majeure clause in the contract.  If you do, you can give notice that you are exercising it and request a full refund. Do not assume that your venue or vendors will comply. They have been hit very hard by this Pandemic and will be using every method to hold on to your deposit.  It is still important to seek advice before terminating the contract to ensure it is done in the proper manner.
  • Even without that the force majeure clause, having your wedding may be impossible given state law and guidelines in regards to large gatherings. As such, the execution of the contract is not possible and may entitle you to cancel the contract and refund the deposit. While cancelation  will be met with hesitation given the amount of money at stake so it is important to seek legal advice before beginning the process.If you don’t have a force majeure, you should consider retaining us on a $19.99 per month retainer to prevent such a mistake in the future.

Plan to Proceed with Your Future Wedding

If you choose to proceed with your wedding, it is very important to take measures to ensure the safety of your guests.  Pretending like the virus does not exist or will not exist at the time of your wedding is a mistake that can endanger lives.

  • It is important to limit guests, space tables, tailor the menu to hot foods and get creative with the dance floor to ensure some level of social distancing throughout your wedding. You will need to make sure it is compliant with state laws and guidelines in regard to large gatherings. It will likely require the input of medical personnel working in coordination with the venue and yourself.  A wedding is a time for celebration and joy, you do not need it to be marred by an outbreak endangering the people closest to you.

It is imperative to consult with a legal professional before attempting to negotiate terms of a contract.  Download our app and we can provide the legal force needed to negotiate your exit from these contracts.