Many of us spend our days rooting for not just our favorite athletes but for all the players on our Fantasy roster. It’s a mental investment (and sometimes a financial one too). A win is a clear reflection of our intelligence and potentially our psychic powers. A loss on a technicality takes all the fun out of it, but as in all walks of life, there is a law of the land that you can challenge.Fantasy leagues usually have cash prizes so the disputes have financial consequences. Leagues have commissioners that are appointed or elected by the members to resolve all disputes. In other words, the commissioner is the judge, jury and executioner.  Take the case below:

[dt_quote type=”blockquote” font_size=”big” animation=”none” background=”plain”]In a fantasy football matchup, your defense blocks a punt but the ball advances one yard from the line of scrimmage before the play is whistled dead and the team that blocked the punt takes over.[/dt_quote]

Now, anyone watching football would consider that a blocked punt and a great job by the defense because instead of the offense taking over 45-50 yards down the field, they take over 1 yard from the block. However, your league scores it as no block punt because of the 1 yard gain and awards you zero points.  You have now lost the week which may result in financial loss and embarrassment at the behest of your league members.


  • Try to oust the commissioner or at least overturn this decision by having your fantasy members in that specific league sign a petition taking your side/
  • File in Small Claims Court and argue that the fantasy rule is not consistent with the true essence of what a blocked punt signifies and points should be awarded to you. This should only be done if there were certain damages. (i.e. happened in a championship game where the winner was entitled to immediate compensation or in a week where the winner gets a cash prize for winning the week)

Both of these remedies may result in you being accused of being a sore loser but if you feel strongly enough about the rule, consider yourself a trailblazer who doesn’t take any shit from anybody and will sue no matter how inconsequential or trivial that the issue appears to be.