Woman using mobile while driving

To avoid a drunk driving charge, my best advice is drink early, drink often, and take uber. To avoid a dead cell phone, my advice is charge it in your car, unless you’ve been drinking. Then it’s bad news.

You don’t need to be driving to be arrested for drunk driving. A cop can still charge you with a DUI if you are in the driver’s seat with the car started but still in park. If you are desperate enough to need a phone charged and the car is the only option, do the following:

  • Always enter in the front passenger’s seat
  • Start the car from the passenger’s seat
  • Charge your phone quickly (falling asleep in the passenger’s seat intoxicated with the car started is going to require some explaining)
  • A car with a push-button start can only be started from the driver’s seat so you must stay away as you are risking arrest for a charge of your phone

Be smart and ask yourself whether a charged phone is worth the risk of explaining to police why you are not guilty of a DUI. If you must charge, follow the tips above and you can avoid an embarrassing situation.