If you’re in the throes of wedding planning, in all likelihood you have considered renting certain goods (like seating, a wedding tent, a photo booth, arches, or a wedding tent). The easy part will be signing an agreement. The difficult part comes when you need those goods delivered on your terms and to the quality standard you want. Here are 10 questions to ask your wedding rental vendor. When you get the answer you want, add it to the agreement!

  1. How long will set up and tear down take? (This may affect your agreement with the wedding venue or wedding reception venue).
  2. Does the vendor own their own rentals or are they a middleman for yet another vendor? (This could cause unexpected quality issues). On the flipside, will the vendor deliver the items you have rented or will someone else? (This could cause unexpected delivery issues).
  3. Under what quality standards will you deliver the items? (Be specific in your agreement so it will be clear when the contract has been breached. Example: Delivery of 450 white, straight back folding chairs, model #123  in good and suitable condition at 3pm on Wednesday, January 11 to Wedding Manor delivery entrance at 123 Wedding Lane, New York, NY).
  4. Are items inspected or cleaned between rentals?
  5. What is your responsibility for rentals used outdoors? What if it pours? (Ensure a weather clause that holds the vendor responsible for wear and tear that occurs during the wedding).
  6. Does the vendor have insurance? (The vendor should supply proof of insurance with the contract).
  7. If something stops working (like a photo booth) what is the turnaround time on replacement/repair? Since replacement or repair seems unlikely in many wedding timeframes, what is their policy on a partial refund?
  8. If you need to request additional items will there be a discount or will extras even be available?
  9. Can you assign someone to speak for your or make decisions on the big day? (You will be busy!)
  10. Are there delivery and pickup fees?

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