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The monthly retainer includes a 15-minute video call—committed time with your retained attorney. Schedule an appointment or talk immediately.


Privileged and confidential. Secure and encrypted communication with your attorney.


Securely upload images, videos, docs, and notes, as you think of them, for review at your next appointment.


Gadh to the rescue!  The Rescue Me feature activates a Video Call feature with GPS which gives your location. (Additional $100 charge for actual visit).


Answers in 2-24 hours to your detailed legal questions. Connect with your retained lawyer from anywhere.


Your retained lawyer will draft documents on your behalf. Nuisance letters, consumer complaints, settlement agreements, leases, incorporation paperwork, and vendor agreements.

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Simplify your life. Premium users have on-demand access to counsel. No waiting rooms. No red tape.


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  • My Lawyer is Coming
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    *Only available in Greater NYC Area Visit itself incurs a $100 fee
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